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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come view the doggy daycare centre before I book in my dog?

Unfortunately we close our doors during the day so there are no distractions while the pack are in our care. 
We do however ask you to come early the morning of your dog's first session. We can then take you on a tour before you leave your pooch with us for the day. Alternatively, feel free to attend one of our Social Saturday sessions (open every fortnight between 9am-11am) to come have a look!

What are the benefits sending my dog to doggy daycare?

Doggy daycare is a chance for your pooch to interact with many small breeds and puppies. Under our supervision, they will be able to play, learn dog body language and a few basic obedience skills. Doggy daycare may assist with separation anxiety from you and their home environment, a chance for them to get exercise in if you are struggling to find time to walk your dog and to meet different pack leaders on duty!

Will my dog rest during the day?

If your dog is crate trained we are happy to leave our crates open for your dog to have a nap, however we find if the Pack Leaders want to calm down the play, the dogs will find a comfy spot either on their lap, in the sunshine or on one of our comfy dog beds for a rest.

Do you feed the dogs?

On occasion, we may do some treat training with the pack. We only use grain free and meat free treats made by our lovely friend Heather of The Pawfect Barkery. If your puppy requires an extra meal during the day, we are happy for you to bring their food & we will feed them separately from the others. 

Do you separate the dogs?

We only separate the dogs due to over excitement or unpleasant behavior to calm them down. We have a 'time out' pen for those that need this time way from the pack. We also separate dogs if we require to feed them.

What age can I bring my dog?

We take puppies as young as 3.5 months old, as long as they've had all their appropriate vaccinations that allow them to be around other dogs. Please check with your vet to make sure they are good to go!

Why do dogs need to be desexed to attend?

We allow entire males up until the age of 7 months old. However, if they are showing signs of major hormone changes whilst in our care, we will advise you to come back once they have been desexed. For female dogs specifically, we prefer them to be desexed by 7 months old however we do take in consideration certain breeds eg. Dachshunds who may need to be desexed at a later date due to hormones, growth and/or other medical reasons, (females only to be considered for this option). As we get lots of pups through our doors, we don't want any mishaps to happen on our watch!

Why do you only take small dogs?

Cahris and her team love ALL size pets, however, due to the size of the daycare space, we feel our boutique daycare isn't spacious enough for bigger dogs to run around in. We also know that there can be very poor PETiquette at dog parks and dog beaches, therefore parents of smaller sized dogs want a safe space for their little ones to play and run around in. 

What will my dog do at daycare?

We understand that dogs may be in our care for many reasons, such as, to keep them company while you are out or perhaps for them to gain social skills with other people and dogs. We aim for your pooch to have a fun positive experience while they are here with us! Some activities we do are, play fetch, tug of rope, pool parties (we fill up the paddle pool with water on hot days), ball pit play, posing for the camera, treat training and scavenger hunts. We also offer additional services to daycare such as nail clip, bathing and more excitingly we hold Doggy Birthday Pawties where we dress up our furry guests!

How will I know if my dog is right for daycare?

Dogs, like us, crave companionship, understanding, and love. They thrive in the company of their kind, learning, and growing. At It's Cahris' Pet Services Doggy Daycare Centre, we honour these truths every day. ensuring your dog experiences the warmth of a community that nurtures their body, mind, and spirit. However, not every dog is suited for daycare. We always provide honest feedback to our clients after every visit, if we feel your dog isn't fitting into the environment we will work with you and implement different solutions and techniques. 

What is Social Saturday?

We run Social Saturday every second week here at It’s Cahris’ Pet Services Doggy Daycare in Burleigh Heads. We allow small to small-medium sized doggos & their owners to come down for a supervised but fun play date. Guests can come anytime between 9am-11am for a small fee of $10 which covers our staff, the rent plus insurance. We want you & your dog to feel safe while keeping up with your dog's socialisation skills. For upcoming dates please visit our Facebook events page.

Have more questions?

Please contact us via email or 0421 474 692. Our pack leaders look forward to meeting your furry family member!