Network Marketing - A Dirty Word

Network Marketing - A Dirty Word
Someone said to me "I love how these products work for my family, you and Emma plus thousands of other people but I don't want to sell via the Network Marketing scheme."⠀

Look.. our society grew up thinking it's bad.. and yes I was a sceptic too! But what it is really doing is cutting out the middle man. I don't need to buy any stock (just what I use personally in my home), I don't need to pay rent for a store front and I certainly don't have to pay staff wages, super or their tax!⠀

Its probably the most easiest business anyone can run in my opinion! ⠀

So Covid hit..did you have other income to fall back on when you lost your job or hours cut back? Did you have to rely on the government payment to uphold a basic life with that basic wage? Did you have shares crash or did you have to borrow off your folks.. come on.. they worked hard all their life.. let them have their own money.. they still love you! ⠀

Imagine your parents being so proud of you, that you could still stand on your own two feet during a pandemic..because you were the smart one to have multiple income streams. ⠀

Think blogging, affiliate codes to share, online courses you created.. and yes that network marketing business you are part of. It CAN be easy, there are so many resources out there, including me to help you make some extra dough..either making it a full time thing or a part time thing.⠀

I still want the good stuff in life, including my organic food, clean products for my skin, to feed the boys 🐥, be able to pay for the gym, petrol to get me to my dog walking clients etc. ⠀

Don't associate with having lots of money a selfish thing.. we only have this one life, so let's make the most of it!

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Sending you love and abundance as always as I want to see you succeed and have all the good things in life!